Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring

It was the perfect way to celebrate the Spring Equinox, as well as a fine way to end winter blues week. And now you get to see what this wood pile was all about!

The wildlife sanctuary usually has a bonfire to mark the Winter Solstice, but this year it was canceled because of weather. The girls and I made our own fire in the yard that night, but the wildlife sanctuary was left with a big pile of wood that had to get burned sometime.

Tonight was the night. And what a beautiful sight it was.

just getting started
Unlike the Winter Solstice bonfire, it was still light out when this one started tonight.

fire against such a pretty blue

a fire spirit reaches out

fire as tall as the trees

fire still burning as we head home

Happy Spring.


ERG said...

fire against such a pretty blue

i love that picture.

m. heart said...

a perfect spring solstice celebration! it was just chilly enough tonight to warrant a nice fire.

FeralLiberal said...

Looks like a lovely evening, Ina. Hope it bodes well for a good season.

Willendorf Venus said...

Fire spirit photo is amazing!