Monday, March 23, 2009

More Spring Joys

Running out of time for a Spring trip to a sugarhouse, I logged on to Facebook yesterday to ask folks for recommendations, and the first thing I saw was that Bill Scher had posted a link to the Gazette's map, as well as a link to Massachusetts Maple Producers Association. I took a look and remembered that m.heart had gone to South Face Farm a couple weeks back. So that's where we headed.

Even though it was one o'clock when we got there, there was still a two page waiting list. So we waited. And waited. And waited. And it was cold. There were snowflakes! And the scent of the boiling syrup was making us very hungry.

We finally got our turn to sample the sweetness after about an hour's wait. And then we waited for a while for our food: blueberry pancakes and bacon for the 8yo, plain pancakes and bacon for the 6yo, a waffle and bacon for me.

There was no time to take a photograph of the food because it was gone in about five minutes!


m. heart said...

i'm glad you liked this place, ina. the wait is not something i'd have the patience for very often (especially in the morning) but as part of a special spring event it's ok! have you had breakfast at elmer's in ashfield? it's delicious.

ina said...

yes, i agree about the wait.

i haven't eaten at elmer's in a long time. i love ashfield, though.

i am feeling more and more like northampton is too urban (if you can believe it)!