Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Who are these guys?

Tonight was a glorious night.

Warm, misty, blustery.

Leaves everywhere.

No costume malfunctions.

Big kids who could walk the neighborhood easily.

A treat.

A memory.

Update: Without the photo credit, there was some confusion. The dia de los muertos folks are from the White House celebration pictures, found at HuffPo. The picture didn't say who they were. I wish I had seen them, too, m.heart!

Friday, October 30, 2009

deep thought

If Hecate is blessing the kids' candy, here's hoping they bring home extra for me!

Of course, there is this to consider. Or maybe this.

gummi worms picture found here.
halloween candy picture found here.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

blanket metaphors

This summer, when we were out in California, my mother taught me and my daughters how to crochet.

First she brought out a large sack of yarn balls from which to choose. The girls spent quite a while looking through all the colors, to find the perfect ones. After they had chosen what they wanted, I just grabbed the first ball of yarn at the top of the sack. Since this was just supposed to be a how-to lesson, I didn't think it mattered what color I used.

My mother taught me how to make the basic chain, then she turned her attention to teaching the girls how to make granny squares. Of course, teaching the girls was a start and stop adventure, through tantrums and frustrations. And I just kept working on my chain until it was quite long.

Once the girls could work fairly independently, my mother turned back to me, to show me how to double crochet. Now that I had invested all the time in the chain, I was going to turn it into something! Who's surprised that I now wished I'd chosen a color I like better than pale purple? Still, I double crocheted along the chain, and selected black for my next color.

We brought our projects home with us when vacation was over. My chain was to become a scarf. Then, after I'd done several stripes and wrapped it around my neck, I realized how long it was. So I decided to turn it into a blanket. I flipped it over and worked from the other side of the original purple chain, so that the pattern will be symmetrical. This is where I am so far. I look forward to adding to it through the winter.

The girls abandoned granny squares for other projects.

The 9yo designed a haute couture barbie dress.

The almost 7yo realized her curving, uneven stitches could be turned into a hat.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Biscuits and Coffee

Yeah, I'm back on the coffee again. I went into the Haymarket yesterday to buy myself a treat scone, and I couldn't resist. So I bought a pound. I also can't resist the See's candy my dad sent me for my birthday. So this morning, after I dropped the girls at school, I chopped a bunch of it up and made sconey biscuits. Yum. I don't know why it feels better giving the girls a baked treat filled with candy than just giving them candy, but it does!

I haven't been posting my daily drawings because, even though I enjoy making them, I'm finding them less than interesting as works of art. Since I haven't been posting them everyday, I stopped blogging for a while out of guilt. But that's just silly. So while I wrestle with drawing for myself vs. drawing for an audience, I'm not going to hide anymore.

Have a candy-filled biscuit. Can I get you some coffee?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Tarot

The High Priestess

In the depths of the forest, you meet the High Priestess on the path, her snake coiling around her neck, moving from the source of her sexuality to her right hand and passing over her heart, symbolizing the wisdom she offers that comes from deepest inner knowing. Her familiar, a blue-eyed temple cat, lies at her feet, symbol of the mystery and devotion contained in silence. Power sparkles all around the priestess as she stands on the ancient forest path. Her gaze invites:

Come, learn the ways of magic... surrender to the wisdom that is within you, as I have done... open to the unseen, and come naked to the mysteries...

Tarot card from Lunaea Weatherstone's deck found here.

Some key questions, found here.

* Am I listening to my inner voice?
* What secrets are being kept from me?
* Am I connected with my higher power?
* What secrets am I keeping from others, and why?
* How can I more clearly understand my life and purpose?

The girls today, in one of my favorite trees

Another one of my favorite trees
(the water was quite high today)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Art Pie

nectarine pie (with a little bit of apple and pear), spiced with coriander and vanilla

I'm still less than thrilled with the drawings I've been producing in these last hundred days of 2009. I'm still enjoying the process, though, and will eventually get around to photographing and posting all of them. In the meantime, my pies have been works of art! When I made the one above, the 9yo insisted that I photograph it, that she wouldn't eat it unless I did. Three of the cut-out decorations represent each member of our family, and the heart, of course, is for love.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I haven't felt much like blogging this week. I'm still plodding along with my daily drawings, but I haven't felt like photographing and uploading(?) them for some reason.

I don't know if it has anything to do with all of them being different subjects so far this time (wine bottles, parking lots, trees), instead of all self portraits.

Or if it has to do with the signs of summer ending and winter wanting to roll in. And all the busy bee work that makes in the garden and the house.

Or signs of new life: Congratulations to NTodd and Ericka. Welcome Sam!

Whatever it is, I'll try to post the pictures soon. In the meantime, keep drawing!

P.S. Is a Speed Hump different from a Speed Bump? Why yes, yes it is.