Friday, March 20, 2009

Blue America

We are already stumbling, when we'd hoped to be soaring.



m. heart said...

i don't know, two months isn't much time to get up off the ground we've been held down to for the last 8 years, never mind soar! but i hope we'll be soaring again soon.

and i love the fluttering flag photo.

ina said...

yeah, you're right. i'm mostly so depressed about who still controls the message. i'm so f***ing sick of conservatives and the media, i want a gag order!

thanks for the compliment on the photo :-)

m. heart said...

i agree with you there. i think a major part of the problem right now is how much bad news is getting dumped on us every moment of the day by the media. it's outrageous, and i've had to tune a lot of it out.