Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shadows of Spring

Yesterday's beautiful sunshine was perfect for a hike in the woods, and for another try at shadows & snow. Although I saw a lot of glorious light, I didn't quite capture it with my point and shoot. These are the two best of the day.

looking to the left
out of the bird house

looking to the right
out of the bird house

another shot of the same tree
(one of my favorites)
from a different year

Here are some of the other
mostly shadow free
scenes from the woods yesterday.

the girls strike a pose

another failed attempt to get all three of us in the frame
someday I'll figure out where the timer button is

mushroom blooms?

another variety

and another

the treasure I found
I will make it into a necklace

Today is another beautiful day. And though it is the last day of m.heart's shadow theme, I will have my camera with me, and I will keep trying.

Spring is in the air.

Update: It turns out these things are bracket fungus. Thanks to all the smart folks at the tavern.



Libby Spencer said...

Nice. I miss the woods of New England and the sun sparkling on the corn snow...

ina said...

We are lucky to have Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in our backyard. Although I was thinking just the other day that I need to move to Vermont for real New England woods!

m. heart said...

are the mushrooms really blooming like that?!

my mix cd's came in yesterday's mail, thank you! i haven't had the chance to listen yet but hopefully tonight i will relax with headphones ;)

m. heart said...

listening now...this cover of "don't give up" sung by willy nelson is positively chill-inspiring...don't mind me if i live-comment on your mix cd here, lol...i'm compulsive like that.

ina said...

sweet! i'd love a live blog of it :-)

i love that willie/sinead version, too.

i'm glad they arrived. the mix-heart-1 & 2 cds were made at the last minute. the girls and i have been enjoying m-heart-1 this weekend on our way to our hikes.

m. heart said...

m-heart 1 really is perfect for early spring!