Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon!

icicles anyone?

I can't believe I kept the taps running all night for the past two nights, and yesterday I still awoke to a frozen faucet (but the space heater thawed it yesterday). Today, the pipes made it through the below zero night, and were fine this morning getting ready for school. But just now, when the temperature is 37 degrees, as I was just about to leave for the school bus, I heard that awful sound.

Yes, I ran to the basement to shut off the water main before checking that I was right.

And I guess the good news is that it burst right before I left for the school bus, not right after!

Then the bad news would be that my plumber doesn't work after 2:30.


Libby Spencer said...

File this post under things I don't miss about living in New England. So sorry this happened to you.

ina said...

thanks, libby. it's not new england's fault as much as it is my uninsulated pipes' fault!