Friday, November 27, 2009

Pie and Cake

Thanksgiving Pie

A little apple.
Maybe a cup of blueberries.
Maybe a half cup cranberries.
Juice of a meyer lemon, plus zest.
Fresh grated ginger. A little honey. Some cinnamon.
And a splash of some weird maple whiskey and some fancy pear brandy.

Butter/flour/water crust with a bit of bacon grease, too.

Most of the fruit went into the pie

And there was enough leftover for cake today

I made it very similarly to this cake, except instead of cornmeal and pecans, I used the fruit. Instead of flour, almond meal, and oats, I used one cup corn flour and one cup coconut flour. I used a yogurt, apple cider, milk blend for the liquid (and it needed much more than one cup). I did not put any spices in the batter this time, because there was a lot of spice in the fruit.

I also made pumpkin bread with chopped dark chocolate bars today

angel love baker


Free Bird

Pablo Picasso
The Cock of Liberation (Le Coq de la Liberation)
Painted in Paris in 1944 during the German Occupation
(h/t Frank Stack)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gather the Spirit

Gather the Spirit; Harvest the Power
Our separate fires will kindle one flame
Witness the mystery of this hour
Our trials in this light appear all the same

Gather in peace, gather in thanks
Gather in sympathy now and then
Gather in hope, compassion and strength
Gather to celebrate once again

Gather the Spirit growing in all
Drawn by the moon, and fed by the sun
Winter to Spring, and Summer to Fall
The chorus of life resounding as one

Gather in peace, gather in thanks
Gather in sympathy now and then
Gather in hope, compassion and strength
Gather to celebrate once again

Sing out. Loud. It feels good.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time Flies Like An Arrow, Fruit Flies Like A Banana

Me, as a tipsy hot babe
(taken 20+ years ago)

Me, as a woman of a certain age
(taken today)

Putting the Garden to Bed for Winter

pea volunteer

happy arugula

jill and shawna in yesterday's rain

muddy shawna

first clearing of main garden
(the carrots can stay for now)

extending the bed in the back garden

jill and shawna prepare the beds for compost



the main garden

the back garden

ready for garlic

wise man for another season

Thanks, Jill and Shawna.

I can haz this house?


Monday, November 23, 2009

pecan cake

It was a rainy, cold gray day today. Perfect for inventing cake. Loosely based on a pineapple upside down cake recipe, but with a sprinkle of cornmeal and some Trader Joe's sweet & spicy pecans where the pineapple and cherries should be.

I also used regular flour (what is cake flour, anyway?) and increased the flour to two cups (I used a flour, almond meal, and oats blend). I also increased the milk to one cup and melted the butter. For some odd reason, I used two teaspoons of baking powder. I used brown sugar instead of white. And added ginger and cinnamon.

Some of the pecans stuck to the pan when I turned it over, so I scooped them out and put them in the center.


The Gleaners

Yay! Thanks to the amazing Shawna and Jill, we will have garden potatoes for Thanksgiving!

The amazing Shawna and Jill

Yeah, I knew I'd missed a few potatoes when I harvested with the girls.

I guess I missed more than a few.

Thank you Jill and Shawna.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am enjoying reading this book

When I was looking for some new graphic novels to read a while back, this book passed my thumb-through inspection in the shop, so I bought it. I didn't know what to expect, only having this book from Peter Kuper in my collection. It turns out, Stop Forgetting to Remember, is laugh-out-loud funny. At least for me. At least for now. [Full disclosure: I also find Kafka laugh-out-loud funny.]

I am completely identifying with the main character's trajectory into adulthood (though he did many more drugs than I did) and parenting. This morning, when I could barely drag myself out of bed to get the girls ready for school, I read a few pages describing his new father days, and laughed enough to get up to face the day.

These are the pages that gave me the strength to get out of bed laughing
(it was also a good place to stop, 'cause it's the end of a chapter).

I am enjoying the art, as well. I particularly like recognizing shops and buildings from my New York City days of youth.

I am also thinking of two friends from my community as I read, NTodd and AndyG, who recently became new fathers. I think of their partners, too, of course, ERG and E (yes, I think she has a blog, too, but I can't remember where). It's just that, since the main character in this book is male, the birthing and parenting scenes are from his perspective. Since I'm a single parent, I do both parts (smiley face here). The following two pages, in particular, made me think of the boys.

With all of the daily drawing I'm doing, and all of the graphic novels I've been reading, life has begun to look a lot like a comic book. Here is a little comic relief from my own life from yesterday. No, I don't always ask the girls to help me off with my boots, but I did yesterday, and they were happy to oblige.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Garden Frost This Morning

I don't think these second generation carrots like the frost

the pink of the zinnias in August

The kale salutes the sun (or at least awaits its warmth to burn off the frost)

The same spot three months ago

And still the birds are singing

The summer garden photographs were taken from this post (you can click on them to enlarge the view there).


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For m.heart

My thoughts are with my friend m.heart and her family.

This photograph is from the downtown farmers' market on a summer Saturday.


Habits and Addictions, Routines and Rituals

Was it as I was indulging my habit of wandering and looking around the house as I grind my morning coffee that I looked out the pantry window and saw this view into the garage? Or perhaps it was during the sunny afternoon routine of doing laundry that it caught my eye. Was it addiction that forced me to grab my camera? And what of my ritual of sharing photographs on the blog with you?

In the week without computer, I nearly became addicted to solitaire (the card kind), and reading graphic novels, though I did not become addicted to drawing. Trying to make drawing a daily habit has been very difficult for me. Where does creating art fit in a life committed to taking care of other people, especially when I barely keep up with all the mundane tasks involved in running a household? And how come I can make room for blogging?!

As for the photograph...

The metal angel candle holders are a gift from my mother. She had sent two when my family was two, then she was happy to find and send a third when I had another child. As soon as the seasons turn dark, we add the ritual of lighting candles at the dinner routine.

I found the 7-up bottle at one of my favorite local houses, Grave's Farm, after the brothers Grave had died, but before the house had been renovated and turned into a bed & breakfast, and the land had become part of Mass Audubon. I have a habit of searching for and saving rusty things. I found some rusty buckets and tools along with this soda bottle and some old magazines there on some of my routine bike rides past the farm. I also once drew an ink sketch of the tree out front.

I gave the original drawing to a friend, this is a photograph of a color copy

Whiskey. I'm not sure when I first fell in love with the word (and for me, it always has an 'e'). Perhaps it came from my childhood: there have been addictions in my family (but I managed to escape them). I associate the word not only with country music (it's hard to front a band named Whiskey Ina without being gifted with lots of whiskey--Ooh! I like the double meaning there!), but also poverty and passion, pirates and poets, a black & white movie of a life lived. And, heck, the Knob Creek bottles are cool.

The tea cannisters are from back in the days before the french press came to live here. Before I made coffee at home, I was mostly a tea drinker. I have the bad habit of keeping cannisters and tins, thinking I might use them for something someday. Oh, the many projects that see light only in my mind, more rusty treasures.

The spiderwebs are courtesy of the spiders.