Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Garden's Bones

Today was the day! Gorgeous Spring weather and a delivery of compost!

Time to take a look at the main garden and decide where the paths should go...

Now to dig in...

Doesn't it look beautiful!!

And now to take a look at the back garden and decide where paths should go...


We got the peas in on the right side. And a bean tower will go where the girls are standing. The pine trunk in front of the compost bin is where one of the new peach trees will go.

And yes, my neighbor strolled by to see what all the action was about, and when I told him all the plans he said, "Michelle Obama would be proud." To which I of course replied, "And I'm proud of her, too, so it works out!"

Happy Spring!

Deep Thought

My hair seems to be getting curlier as I get older.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Forcing Forsythia

Update: forsythia today...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One Year Ago

I met a lot of cool people and performed my first solo show.


Friday, March 27, 2009

An Elephant Ate My Homework


I haven't felt much like posting the past few days. I'll just put these photographs up as 'before' pictures. We'll be walking down this afternoon to see if things are flooded. We're all safe here, so the flood is just adventure, but we'll be thinking of folks in North Dakota.


Monday, March 23, 2009

More Spring Joys

Running out of time for a Spring trip to a sugarhouse, I logged on to Facebook yesterday to ask folks for recommendations, and the first thing I saw was that Bill Scher had posted a link to the Gazette's map, as well as a link to Massachusetts Maple Producers Association. I took a look and remembered that m.heart had gone to South Face Farm a couple weeks back. So that's where we headed.

Even though it was one o'clock when we got there, there was still a two page waiting list. So we waited. And waited. And waited. And it was cold. There were snowflakes! And the scent of the boiling syrup was making us very hungry.

We finally got our turn to sample the sweetness after about an hour's wait. And then we waited for a while for our food: blueberry pancakes and bacon for the 8yo, plain pancakes and bacon for the 6yo, a waffle and bacon for me.

There was no time to take a photograph of the food because it was gone in about five minutes!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Day After

We returned to the wildlife sanctuary yesterday for a hike, and to check on the bonfire, hoping to gather some charcoal for drawing.

it looks like there was a party here

we were surprised to find the pit still smoldering

we had to use caution harvesting charcoal

though it was still geeseville in the woods, some mallards were infiltrating

After our hike, we sat in the sun and drew with our harvested charcoal. I'll post pictures later, after coffee.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Flowers

m.heart has some amazing photographs posted that she took at the Smith College Bulb Show. She also put them together in this beautiful video tour. Enjoy.

Happy Spring. We made it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring

It was the perfect way to celebrate the Spring Equinox, as well as a fine way to end winter blues week. And now you get to see what this wood pile was all about!

The wildlife sanctuary usually has a bonfire to mark the Winter Solstice, but this year it was canceled because of weather. The girls and I made our own fire in the yard that night, but the wildlife sanctuary was left with a big pile of wood that had to get burned sometime.

Tonight was the night. And what a beautiful sight it was.

just getting started
Unlike the Winter Solstice bonfire, it was still light out when this one started tonight.

fire against such a pretty blue

a fire spirit reaches out

fire as tall as the trees

fire still burning as we head home

Happy Spring.

Blue America

We are already stumbling, when we'd hoped to be soaring.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blue Painted Self Portrait, II

I am learning through this winter blues week that blue is not really my color! I mean, for paint. This is somewhat surprising to me because green is my color, and they're related. These blue paintings are hard for me, the color choices are not coming naturally, instinctively. Curious.

I once again relied on the magic buttons (hue, saturation, balance, etc.) to get this painting to an acceptable finished place.

Garden Blues

Almost all the snow has melted from the yard now, so the daily garden meanderings have begun. What's growing?

who's that under the blue chair?

a blue stone in the pile

And the blues of a different kind...

are those little shiny black things supposed to be there?

will the poppy I planted last year return and flower?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blue (and Green) in the Neighborhood

It was getting dark at the end of tonight's walk through the neighborhood. The girls had figured out a fancy skip-step and were halfway down the block, when I heard someone walking behind me. I turned to see this woman walking her dog. Of course I had to ask her if I could take her picture when I saw her blue hair!

The green twinkly lights behind her belong to my ever-decorating nextdoor neighbors. They are sort of like our town's version of the Empire State Building.

picture of the empire state building found here.

I call this one...

Blue Sisters

We went for a walk after supper last night, looking to see the river had flooded yet. The girls brought their galimotos. I brought my camera and we took turns taking pictures. There's just a bit of blue in rain boots and Spring skirts, but it's lovely.

heading out

racing home

sisters at the crossroads

The bluest picture was taken by the 6yo.

Spring sunset with finger

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blue Art Walk

Last Friday, when the girls and I passed through one of the town parking lots after school, we came upon a curious beast. It was just sitting there in the middle of the wide sidewalk, with no one tending it. As I looked around for its owner, I saw several black-clad folks enthusiastically stringing a path of red balloons from the alleyway our way. I don't remember how I caught the eye of the post-apocalyptic carnival barker, or how it was revealed to us that this piece was interactive, but on a cool late winter early evening, I found myself wheeling my girls around.

We were told it was a happening, an attempt to enliven the alleyway. The gentleman then gestured toward the building where the balloons were heading, as if to indicate there was more magic inside. I was pulled toward it like I am toward drips and splashes of paint, but I resisted. The clash between mother and artist at that moment, though gently blurred by plush, was too great.

Instead of exploring the indoor art, we ran around and said hello to all the balloons, then headed home.

Blue Painted Self Portrait

click to enlarge so you can see more of what's going on!

The computer is a very powerful thing. I need to remember that. I spent an hour or so painting on this photograph, then I started fiddling with all the magic buttons: hue, saturation, color balance, etc., and this became a very different piece. Then, I went back in and painted some more, but I got out of there before I was tempted to mess with those buttons again! I didn't use any of those magic buttons on any of the other portraits.

Monday, March 16, 2009

For Echidne


I forget now if it was a dream or a vision, but a mouse with a yellow suitcase crossed her path. And then this one crossed mine...

This mouse was part of a fancy contraption the girls and I encountered on art walk night last Friday. I'll post a photograph of the whole beast tomorrow.

Under the Table

More winter blues...

the view from below...

My daughter, with her blue sleeve, was the perfect model, yet somehow I missed the green bottle cap in my viewfinder, so I hurried over to sumopaint to paint it, paint it, paint it, paint it blue! And yes, I'm addicted to zoom blur.

Winter Blues

This week there is another theme from m.heart to get me thinking creatively. Of course, this past weekend was so glorious, that my winter blues were a happy hue...

It was apparently geese weekend at the wildlife sanctuary, so I'll let them do the talking (and gosh, do they talk a lot!)...

the cool hang out

more blues, above and below

water ballet