Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shadows from the Archives

I had been thinking of this shadow theme only in terms of winter light, but after seeing m.heart's hammock photograph yesterday, I took a look at some of my photographs from other seasons. Since I may not get the chance to take some photographs today, I'm glad a found some gems.

I really do love all the seasons. Yes, I love winter. I love snow, and hats & gloves, and snuggling, and hot drinks. I even love shoveling. Not to mention skiing, hiking, ice skating, fort building...

This winter has decided to throw a big challenge to my love at me. My poorly built house has been no match for the super chill we've had here this year. My bathroom pipes have frozen several times and burst twice. Even though I left the taps open last night, I woke to a frozen faucet this morning. I've got the space heater going in the hole in the ground as I type this and I'm hoping the pipes thaw without bursting.

So while I'm waiting for this...

ah... hot and cold running water...

I thought I'd go through the shadowy archives and show you some of these...

the 6 year old at 2

the first ride without training wheels

long autumn shadows in the woods

perfect for building fairy houses

magic everywhere

My knowledge of contemporary photographers drops precipitously somewhere in the early 90s. That said, this last photograph reminds me of Tina Barney in the way that the moment caught on camera suggests a narrative filled with drama.

afternoon light

Yay! Yay! Yay! While I was editing this post, the pipes thawed without bursting and water flowed! Thank you gods and goddesses of plumbing! Now if I can just get the tub drain and the washing machine to unfreeze so that the water from the girls' bath Monday will flow out and I can take a shower, and so that I can do some laundry... Well, let's not get greedy here! Instead, let's take the camera and go for a walk!

Shadows and light.


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Rowena said...

These are great photos and I'm so glad your pipes didn't burst. Here's to hoping Spring comes soon.

I like seeing your 2 year old get older.

Right now mine is crying and I have to find out why. Sigh.

But coincidence? I don't know.