Saturday, November 29, 2008

Haunted Houses, Part II

The girls worked for hours on their houses today, mixing colors, cutting shapes, gluing and painting. I didn't do much to mine, except color a couple panels yellow, then notice a curly footprint someone had made on one of them when she accidentally stepped on it, then take the shoe and make curly markings on both panels...

The 8yo's doorway.

The 6yo's corner, with vines.

My swirls.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Instead of shopping today, we're in the shop!

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, even though the 6yo, worried about it being too scary, had said, "Ina. It's called 'Nightmare,' so that means nightmare for me!"

As we were watching it, the 6yo kept saying, "So far, so good." It turns out it wasn't scary, it was inspiring!

So we're making our own haunted houses...

We're gonna need a bigger paint brush...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Modest Feast

Our modest feast, at our humble table: Turkey that I had basted with a butter/lemon/garlic/basil mixture; Cranberry sauce (just water, sugar, and cranberries); Garlic mashed potatoes (with some grated potato skins included); Sweet potato steak fries; Romaine with basil sprigs.

I had an inspiration as we were preparing the pie after supper. I had originally planned to make a pear/blueberry pie, and had even bought a little over-priced out-of-season container of berries. Then, as I was looking at the big bowl of pear slices, I decided to skip the blueberries, and instead, I added two scoops of the cranberry sauce leftover from dinner. I also added some lemon zest and some candied ginger bits. This was possibly the best pie ever! And what a flaky crust!

The 6yo really wanted to make a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin and have it look exactly like Snoopy's does in the Charlie Brown movie. When I couldn't find a sugar pumpkin this week, she still wanted to make a pumpkin pie using canned pumpkin. This is the standard pumpkin pie, except that my quarter cup measure was out on the table with flour in it left over from when I was rolling crusts, so when I reached in the drawer to grab the smallest measuring cup to measure three scoops of sugar, I actually grabbed the one third cup. Instead of three quarter cups of sugar, this pie has one cup of sugar. Yeah, it's a little too sweet. We thought we might try it with a scoop of greek yogurt tomorrow instead of whipped cream.

I am grateful for this delicious food, for my family, and for the strange cyber-family I have found here.

Peace to you and yours.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll let you be in my dream, if I can be in yours...

As I've said before, this online community is mighty mighty. The other day at the tavern, Spocko told me of a lovely dream he'd had. It is a gift he gave to me.


I dreamt last night that I was driving on the highway to a wide open place that held hot air balloon races and small plane races.

On the way to the place I saw a white 2 seat plane in front of me on the highway trying to take off. It went up about 4 feet then crashed. I had passed it and saw it crash in my rear view mirror. I was going to stop, but I saw others had already stopped so I kept driving down the road.

I came to your house. Your house was a 3 bedroom single story house that was in the middle of the open area (it was kind of desert like). The house was painted with lots of white and light orange colors almost a pastel orange.

I looked out the window and saw some of the balloons already up in the air and few small planes flying. Also there were a few that were crashed on the ground.

I noticed a basket of Christmas cards in the a bay window area and read some of the comments. They were from famous people who had stayed at your house for the balloon and plane races. The cards were from Mick Jagger, Bono, a Prime Minister and some other famous politicians. They had some personal comments on them thanking you for your hospitality.

I thought to myself. "Wow, ina knows lots of famous people! I'm in good company getting to stay at her house for the hot-air balloon races.

I'm not sure what this dream means.

I just finished reading Tim Powers book Three Days to Never and I think some of the scenes in the dream are taken from there, but why you, your house and your Christmas cards from famous people were part of the dream I don't know. Oh, and I never saw you or your kids in the dream, I just knew that it was your house.

"It's good to see you."
"It's good to be seen."

Talkin' World War III Blues

This explains everything

for a journey that took me...

thank you, suzie, for inspiring me.
thank you, jamie, for being the ringmaster.
thank you all for welcoming me.
i am richer for having been here with you.

i am awakened to making art with my girls.
yesterday and today,
inspired by watching
the making of the nightmare before christmas,
we've started our own creations.
(the girls are ahead of me!)

haunted houses, day two.

the 8yo's doorway.

the 6yo's corner, with vines.

my swirls.

Update, for closure: Though I grew up in a home where my mom proudly called herself a witch and my dad read and followed some of Edgar Cayce's ideas, I often still use a child's eyes and ears, half-hidden in the doorway, to look upon anything that might be called new age. As I've said before, it was synchronicity that brought me to Sacred Suzie's Space in October, and while I lingered there, soaking in the new yet familiar stories, a little red & yellow glow in the margin kept demanding my attention. When I finally clicked on it, I arrived at the next chapter. As I read each blog, I was that child again, peering over the stair rail, too excited to sleep. When I finally decided to share my voice, my grown-up voice, with the circle, I was met with such warmth that I instantly felt at home. I wasn't quite ready to buy the book, but I opened myself to what I could learn from all of you. When I was finally ready to hold the book in my hands and after searching my local bookstores, I went to a big chain store to look. They didn't have it, but could order it for me. I was almost embarrassed to say the title to the clerk, feeling like a stereotypical mid-life woman, searching for my soul, but I focussed on my breathing, felt the strength of all of you with me, and admitted out loud that she is me and it's okay. And it's okay that, even after getting the book, I didn't open it. Instead, it became a talisman that I carried with me. The soul coaching journey for me so far has been translated from the original Denise Linn version into so many voices gathered together.

When I lived in New York, one of my favorite things to do was ride my bike from my apartment on 107th street, through the city, over the Brooklyn Bridge, and out to Coney Island. Once there, I would ride on the Cyclone roller coaster.

google image

I often said it was like instant therapy: approximately 60 seconds of non-stop laughter and thrills.

As soon as the ride was over, I wanted to do it again! So of course I would love to join the January journey with Jamie and those of you who will also be coming along. Even more relevant to this analogy of wanting to feel the thrill of the ride again immediately, tomorrow is December 1st, and in a move some might find amusing(!), last night after I read Jamie's Day 28 post and everyone's blog entries, I turned off my computer and opened a little red book...

i am grateful.



Blogger Dia said...

What a delightful journey!
I love the house you're working on with the girls - fun to see the different elements.
How has the clutter clearing been going? I have similar piles - & have been working on some filing; actually cleared a big basket to hold magazines I plan to canablize for SoulCollage yesterday, & sort some of the STUFF that clogs my space!

Delightful to share this journey with you!

November 30, 2008 12:22 AM

Blogger Serena said...

What a wonderful way to spend your time....great pics!'s been a pleasure to have shared in the soul coaching journey with you and I look forward to visiting your blog in the future too.

love, light and peace,

November 30, 2008 3:27 AM

Blogger Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy creating! :)

November 30, 2008 4:01 AM

Blogger Genie Sea said...

Blessed be :)

November 30, 2008 5:49 AM

OpenID todayandeveryday said...

Oh my gosh! you are such a great mom!! what a blessing to spend such creative time with you girls. I have so enjoyed journeying with you and will continue to check in. Thank you for sharing your creative spirit with us!

November 30, 2008 6:00 AM

Blogger Fatma said...

Beautiful post.

And then - gratitude - peace. Beautiful!

Thank you, Ina.

November 30, 2008 12:45 PM

Blogger Jamie said...

You are a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing your story today. I am so glad that you took each brave step and came on this journey. It's been a joy to have your voice in the chorus.

big hugs,

November 30, 2008 1:48 PM

Blogger gemma said...

It was such fun to meet you and see the fun you are having with your daughters. It has been a beautiful journey.

November 30, 2008 2:52 PM

Blogger Serena said...

LOVED your update, Ina....may you continue to enjoy your 'soul' journey.

love, light and peace,

November 30, 2008 9:40 PM

Blogger chest of drawers said...

Wonderful post!

December 1, 2008 1:42 AM

Blogger Sandra said...

Delightful art-making :)

December 1, 2008 5:16 PM

1 December 2008

i cleared off my bed today. it had been covered with clean laundry -- i folded everything and put it all away. i can actually sleep in my bed tonight, with clean sheets and comforter, too!

(i switched rooms with the girls a while back to give them the bigger bedroom to share. i still haven't repainted the walls so their drawings are still on them. yes, that's an exclamation point by the head of my bed!)

i moved my altar in front of my bedroom window. and, shhh! don't tell anyone that there was actually clutter stacked on it, too. it's cleared off now and looks beautiful.

(it's still kinda dusty, i plan to give all my clutter free spaces a bath next week for water week!)

i organized my clothes closet and got rid of yet more clothes. how did i end up with so many clothes?

[photo unavailable at this time because there is still clutter in front of the closet!]

all through the day i did a little dance with arm movements as i sang, "there is clarity within me and around me. i am clearing all that i do not need out of my life. i am keeping what magnifies my beauty, grace, and joy."

so mote it be.



Blogger Dia said...

Oh, I love it! Dancing & clearing clutter - goodie :) I am still in process with my clutter - didn't get the SC book till partway thru, was doing some of the Clutter clearing on my own - definatly IN PROCESS with more!
Sunday I did a bit of that with my closet, & have clothes piled on my 'guest bed!' lol
Tonight someone at 'Sister Circle,' my women's spirituality book group, made a comment about getting 'clear enough to go thru stuff' - I want to practice that tomorrow, which I have off!
the word is 'grafowl - is it a gray fowl?? :)

December 3, 2008 10:02 PM

Blogger ina said...


thank you for reading my blog and commenting -- you're the first person to 'follow' a blog of mine.

i added a couple photos to this post.

i saw the photo on your blog of the corner with the shelf and crochet curtain -- the light was very beautiful.

i hope you're having luck clearing and creating :-)

December 4, 2008 7:47 AM

Blogger Dia said...

Oh, I'm so glad you added photos - your altar IS beautiful! I love the glass candlesticks!
I HAVE been doing more clearing today - have a post on some of it :) got distracted, of course! It's my son's BD, too, . . .

More to do - but it DOES feel good! Nice & sunny here today, so I swept my front walk.

December 4, 2008 2:00 PM