Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am always inspired by the photographs at m.heart's blog, secret notebooks, so I am going to try to join her in posting shadow pictures this week. I think the best thing that can happen already has: I was outside knee-deep in snow this morning with my little point-and-shoot, trying to make a good shot. A neighbor who lives down the street, to whom I have rarely spoken, though I have now lived in this house eight years as of 1 March (not because we're unfriendly, just because I only see her in her car as she passes my house), pulled up behind me, rolled down her window and said, "A lovely day for taking photographs!" And it was.

the broom bush today

This delicate plant was a gift from a friend. We transplanted it from her house, but apparently chose a bad spot. In addition to the snow that piles on it in a storm, the snow from the roof falls right on it.

the broom bush last Spring

the shadow of my fence

another view

That's some pipe from my old boiler that I hope to add to the fence in the Spring. There are three sections like the one above that have various treasures worked into them.

the requisite icicles and shadows photograph

a goofy shadow picture

The 6 year old graciously posed with me one day last Spring on our way to the school bus. I'm wearing a sun hat and billowy clothes--I swear!--I don't actually look like a giant panda.



m. heart said...

giant pandas are kind of hip now though!

thanks for joining me, ina i put a link to your blog on my post that's scheduled for today at 5. also, after seeing your inspirational fence i'm wondering if you've ever been out to see the giant tin man in goshen and the surrounding gardens at the good time stove co? i posted about it last summer:

i think you'd really like it.

Stephen Banks said...

i love the fence.

and, of course, pandas.