Friday, June 26, 2009

Wreck this Journal, Week 4

Still making pretty things, I drew a picture on the cover.

Even my ugly drawing turned out kinda pretty.
(click to enlarge)

Since there were so many photographs of the wrecking I've been doing this week, I made a slide show. I don't know how to do anything video-fancy, though I have been inspired by some other folks' great videos to learn, so this is just a silent slide show...

I bought the girls each their own copy,
and their way of saying the title,
Wreck This Journal,
rechristened mine,
Wreckless Journal. I like it.

I love how different both girls are. The 8yo, as we left the store, kept saying, "I can't crack the spine. I don't want to wreck this book." Meanwhile, the 6yo was taking every opportunity to toss it and flap it.

Here's the 6yo drawing with her pet worm.

Here are both girls playing with cocoa.

The 6yo gleefully adding some jam.

I am still attached to this little book that I bring everywhere. We are having so much fun together. I have made a lot of art and a lot of mess, and I have been using it as a journal. I did tear out some of the things that I had been keeping attached like the airplane and crumple pages, but I made a little pocket in the back and stuck them in there, along with some other things I've torn out. I decided to stop keeping track of the order that I've finished pages because that got too boring. Wrecking with the girls has also brought out the crayons for me, so I have colored over many pages.

This is definitely a fun summer project for our whole family.


Kavindra said...

Those little girls are delighted! and delightful.

I love your slideshow - what I like best about your journal is all the little pockets and cubbyholes you have made ... at one point it looked like a puppet show was going on in there.

Hybrid J said...

So wonderful to see the entire family joining the wreck work. Fantastic!

Pink Heels said...

I love that your daughters are able to jump in and enjoy the summer online book club. Afterall, how often are they given permision to make a mess without feeling the need to apologize or clean-up?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is FABULOUS. I really like your "ugly" drawing (esp. the dead rat and stinky poo! ha ha ha ha!) and your kids are wonderful. I absolutely LOVE the idea of letting the worm crawl across and 'draw" as he goes! How cleverly cool. What a great family activity!

Rose said...

That look of glee is just lovely and I bet the jam made a gorgeous smeary mess! Loving it!

Kim said...

Your daughter is jammin' with that jam!! And even the pet worm got to join in the fun. Isn't it wonderful to share this with your girls - to see how they each respond and what you open up in each other? Slide show was great, too. You've been up to some artful wreckage!

Kirby3131 said...

What a great way for some family fun!!!

judi said...

incredibly entertaining!!I'm off to order more WTJ and play with some kids

awesome wrecking

Wild Roaming One (WRO) said...

I've gone slightly beyond pretty...and now am full on into it too! Like you, I even got my 4yr old throwing it into the air, just to muss it up a bit!

Wreck ON!
Wild ROaming One (WRO)

Sharon said...

Nice slide show. I liked the scissors rubbing. A friend did some wreckage on my journal with his pocket knife. That was hard to endure!

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

DO you think you will all look back on this as "the messy summer with that book"? It looks like so much fun together!! Keep on Wrecking!!!!