Wednesday, June 10, 2009

100 in 100, Day 10

self portrait, smiling
pastel, 9x12 inches

I decided to try a smiling portrait this time because Rowena made a comment on Day 9's drawing about how serious self portraits' expressions can be because we (the artists) are so busy concentrating.

Spoiler alert: starting tomorrow, I'll be drawing trees for a while. My plan for now is to get back to self portraits in a different medium than pastel later on in this series.


chicago dyke said...

ok, i gotta ask: what's the all the hand on the face poses? not that thre's anything wrong with that. but it's interesting. i'd think your hands would be goopy with paint, and you wouldn't be posing while touching your face with them. but wdik.

ina said...

Adding the hand makes it a more interesting picture to me than just my face, so it makes it more fun to draw. I'm looking in the mirror as I draw, so that's my left hand on my face, and I'm right handed, but still, my hands *are* messy! It's actually pastel at this point (I'll do painting later in the 100, I didn't feel quite ready for paint yet, since it's been such a long time for me). I get pastel all over my face, clothes, and furniture, but it comes off pretty easy.