Friday, June 12, 2009

Wreck this Journal, Week 2

First let me say thank you to everyone who commented on my wreck, week 1 post that I should choose wrecking over cleaning house. My question was rhetorical, of course, and I managed to do both!

As for mailing my journal last Friday, I was unable to because both my daughters were home sick. Also, I realized I was still playing it safe: I was going to mail it at my town post office, which would mean it would be a straight shot: my house --> post office --> my house. So I decided to wait until Monday. That meant that all last weekend, when I was traveling around everyone's blogs seeing the fun you were having wrecking, I really wanted to join in, but my journal was all taped up awaiting its journey. I did at least get to use it as a coaster for my french press.

On Monday, when the girls were back in school, I drove to the post office in the next town. That meant my journal's journey would be: my house --> the next town post office --> a nearby big city --> my post office --> my house.

Even though I love seeing everyone's black & white Wreck This Journal,
I decided to add yellow patches to mine to make it look like the bright fun it is!

When I stepped up to the counter at the post office, I asked the woman postal clerk if I could take her picture to document this art project. This, of course, led to her asking me about it. At first, I was embarrassed and felt silly. By the end of our conversation, I was blurting, "You can join, too!"

Good bye, little journal. Have a good trip!

Even with all the places my journal would be going, it would most likely arrive the next day. So, when my 8yo daughter asked if she could check the mail, I ran and grabbed the camera!

Will it be in there?

Hello again!

Of course, when I've been on a journey, one of the first things I want to do when I get home is...

Take a shower!

Yes, the scariest test in this book for me. And I cheated a little! I kept the book all taped up, but I did soak it and scrub it with Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap! Sorry, no pictures of this step--I love nudity, it's just that my bathroom is too disgusting to share!

Ah, freshly bathed.

And nicely wrinkly!

If you look closely (you can click to enlarge),
you can see Wreck This Journal through the yellow.

The first thing I did after the shower was make a paper airplane. I like the idea of all the wreckage accumulating, so for now, I didn't snip the last bit of plane, so it's still attached to the book. Perhaps it will fly later...

Seeing Rowena's cool coffee art, I had thought about squirting fireworks of coffee onto my book. Then, this morning, I filled my french press too full and some spilled on the counter, so I just used this page to soak it up, grounds and all.

I like how some of the pages are for collecting things. I look forward to how much will pile up on these pages throughout the summer. I'm just getting started.


Just one stamp in my mail so far.

The remnants of tape that I had to cut to get my returned journal open,
and a price tag that was stuck to my shirt.

After just one week with this book, the biggest freeing moment so far was when I realized where wrecking is hard for me. I am working on a 100 artworks in 100 days project, and I have been drawing self portraits. It has been a while since I've drawn everyday. I'd forgotten how hard it is to wreck a part of a drawing that isn't working when I'm really happy with the rest of the drawing; how hard it is to take a chance on ruining the parts I like. With this book beside me, I stepped into that mess, and made better work because of it.

Still having fun piling on duct tape!



Leone said...

What a great journey for your journal, so creative. I have been following and enjoying your self-portraits and love what you did with todays.

Jamie Ridler said...

Here's to stepping into the mess!

I absolutely loved following your journal's journey to the post office and beyond! What a fun conversation with the lady that worked there - I bet she's still talking about the adventure you're on!

Enjoy :)

magpie said...

love love love
that you started out mailing it...
ah the places its done
and the things it's being.

once we've all mailed them
we'll be the sisterhood
of the traveling

Snap said...

How wonderful! How creative! Inspiring!

Rose said...

Tape is fantastic stuff! I am looking forward to posting it!

Between Hitching Posts said...

I love it! I love all the color you have added. I'm jealous. I might need to go get some colored duct tape myself. You won't mind of I copy do you?.... Just kidding. I do love the idea though!

Cynthia said...

First I want to tell you I enjoyed "Women in Art"

Your mail journey and duct tape has me fascinated at what will happen next!

Anonymous said...

Wow...there's a journal on a journey. I really enjoyed reading about your wrecking. Enjoy.

Alex said...

great start for your adventure in wrecking!

Shannon said...

Wow, that is amazing! Rock on for sending it through the mail and the shower! What an exciting trip your journal has had already :)

organicsyes said...

Duct tape....hmmmm...thanks for the idea!

Genie Sea said...

How fantastic! Your journal has already been on a trip! How clever to give her a shower afterward! And the coffee grounds! Brilliant! :)

Kirby3131 said...

Bravo to you for mailing the journal - I still haven't done that. Or the shower. I'm afraid of the shower!

Sherri said...

You have done some fantastic work! I just got my journal back in the mail today and I am so happy to have it again. Oh the withdrawal- ha ha!