Friday, June 19, 2009

Wreck this Journal, Week 3

Did Jamie say "attachment"?? Well, yeah, that's an issue! That's why I mailed my journal first thing--to let it go. Of course, now that we're reunited and making art together, the attachment is even stronger! My daughter has already asked me if this page--the first two pictures below--will be my favorite page that I give away (I think she has her eyes on it :-)!

This is the tear this page, rip it up.
I ripped strips, then weaved them to themselves,
When I saw that the next page was glue/tape these pages together,
I ripped it, too, and wove and glued them together.


I also cut out the text and glued it to the next page.

I slept with the journal and this is where I found it in the morning.

I cut through a bunch of pages, but since I'm still choosing to make art from my destruction, I cut out a figure and glued the cut-outs back in on different pages.

I tore this page out and it's in my jeans pocket awaiting a wash.





For the crumple page, I decided to crumple an oval, then tape it back in.

For the wrap something page,
I chose to wrap all the pieces that I've cut or torn out of the journal so far.

I can keep adding them as I tear more.

A view of my crumple page, my paper airplane, and my package of wrapped scraps.

Yeah, I burned it. I'm glad I read about other people's experiences first,
so I was at the sink with the water running before I lit the match.

My dinner, documented.

In order to get the page in my mouth to chew it,
instead of just biting the edges, I tore a strip, and chewed that.

I had been neglecting part of the purpose of this book. I have been enjoying the wrecking, but I hadn't been using it as a journal at all. In an attempt to combine both, I'm choosing to use my write one word over and over page to write the word "peace" whenever I need a moment's peace.


Another ongoing project is documenting a boring event. I am using someone else's idea of numbering the pages by when I finish them. The wrecking and creating are not at all boring, but the page numbering is. So this is where I will document it.

page numbers so far

I tore out and attached the Lose This Page so I will have more room for my page numbers list.

I plan on covering the text with blank paper as my way of losing it.

As you can see, I am still very attached to my journal. I haven't swung it and hit walls, I haven't dragged it behind me on a walk, I haven't dropped it from up high, I haven't asked anyone to do something destructive to a page. Perhaps I'll face those challenges in this coming week. For me, just finding all these new ways to make messes that make art has been freeing and rewarding.


Sherri said...

I like the picture of where you found your journal in the morning after sleeping with it. Happy wrecking!

gemma said...

You've got some really interesting pages here!Fun huh?

Between Hitching Posts said...

You've had some pretty creative ideas with these pages. I'm really enjoying seeing how different people are interpreting the tasks to do.
Love it!

Kirby3131 said...

You have had some interesting takes on some of it - love the cut out doll :) That's clever! I haven't done the "cut this page" page yet... I may borrow your idea!

I just numbered the one page (I numbered it 22) and decided not to number any others.

I also really like how you are going to lose that page. Great ideas!

Genie Sea said...

Very ingenious ways of wrecking! Love the weaving and the cutout ideas! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your cut out doll.

Jamie Ridler said...

Lots of creative, delicious fun! The cutout girl is so much fun. I'm imagining all the places she could show up.

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

So does the paperdoll girl pilot the paperplane? I just love that airplane photo. You are on such a roll. Wreck on!!!