Tuesday, June 9, 2009

100 in 100, Day 9

self portrait, disappointed
pastel, 9x12 inches


Ruth said...

/very nice, but please do plastic, I can't accept U.S. money.

Roadmaster said...

Interesting nuances - but so far, all the images have a pensive nature to them. I'll continue to watch the series as it develops.

Leslie said...

Ina, just came over from Eschaton and love your work. What a great exercise for your artitst within! I really like day two and today, but all show such nice use of line, color and light. Thanks for sharing these. Leslie (Integral Lit)

Rowena said...

very interesting. reminds me of klimt or munch.

I know that when I do self portraits it's hard to make them anything but serious... because I'm concentrating so hard.