Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Adventure

Nothing like a rusty truck in the woods for a good photo shoot

Yesterday was another gorgeous day, so we headed out to Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. My plan was to do our usual quick loop and then have a snack at the birdhouse. However, the 7yo told me her plan was to get lost, like we did once a few years ago.

That time it was also a sunny day in late Winter/early Spring, but the ground was still covered deep with snow. We had tried to extend our short loop just a bit, but never found a place to turn right to loop back. None of the paths were marked, and there was no way for me to spot the trails in the snow. I ended up leading us out by heading to the road at the far perimeter, and making the loop back on the road.

This time the paths were clear of snow and better marked, but still, we eventually got to a place where we couldn't tell where the path was. This time, we just back-tracked the way we had come until we found our way back. Even though there was a point where we didn't know which way to go, we were never actually lost. There was still enough bush-whacking, bank-climbing, and hill-sliding to make it an exciting adventure.

We did see a few people out in the woods yesterday. We passed one group heading deeper into the woods, just as we were trying to find our way back. Then, when we were back on a familiar trail, we crossed them again coming down exactly the path we had tried to find. When I asked how they managed to find it, they said it wasn't well marked, but they just followed the river. Somehow this is beyond my abilities. Girl scout fail.

Here's hoping my daughters, who are growing up hiking the woods, instead of just biking the asphalt (like I did in southern California), will have the ability to read the land.



Hecate said...

Amazing photos. Those belong in a gallery.

N. Todd said...

Ever read Last Child In The Woods?

Anonymous said...

Mine, of course, lament the lack of pavement for skateboarding. ;)

aeonsbeyond said...

Woods are great but some kids grow up in the gnarley woods and just want smooth pavement when theyre parents...