Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I called him Al Weisel

The internet is a strange bird.

Al Weisel was a good friend of mine in college. I completely lost touch with him and didn't know he blogged as Jon Swift (but that explains why I didn't find him when I googled in the past).

Jon Swift, aka Al Weisel

Al was on his way to his father's funeral in VA when he suffered 2 aortic aneurysms, a leaky aortic valve and an aortic artery dissection from his heart to his pelvis. He had 3 major surgeries within 24 hours and sometime during those surgeries also suffered a severe stroke.

I gasped when I read my friend Libby on twitter today write that someone named Jon, aka Al, had died. I gasped again when I clicked the link and saw his picture, looking exactly the same as he did when he used to make fun of me for comparing beautiful moments in nature to paintings.

It's good to read that all who knew him as a blogger thought he was as sweet and funny as I did.

May he find his way to the Summerlands. May his friends and family find peace.

Update: I am finding comfort in reading others' remembrances of Al. Here is a collection of links to posts. This one is particularly beautiful, and articulates a lot of what I'm feeling for "my long lost pal."

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