Sunday, March 7, 2010


I made some cookies the other day. Yes, snickerdoodles, using this recipe, except the girls rolled half of them in the traditional sugar and cinnamon mixture, and half in a sugar and ground ginger mixture. Yum.

While I was making the dough, the 7yo begged me to let her eat some raw dough. I was extremely resistant because when I was little, my mother didn't want us to eat the dough. My memory is that she said the raw flour could give you worms. Since then, of course, there's been all kinds of raw egg prohibitions. I do seem to recall eating a little oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough with my roommates when I moved away from home. And I lived to tell the tale. I asked around (okay, I posted the question on facebook), and it was unanimous that I should, indeed, let the 7yo eat the dough. And so I did.

We also ate all the cookies.


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Anonymous said...

I can't resist eating the dough, so I let my kids eat it too.

Never had worms, AFAIK. And I think we would know...

hm. (googles)