Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life in Bloom

Yesterday after school, the 7yo went to play at a friend's house, so the 9yo and I headed over to the library to pick up Calling on Dragons, the book she'd requested. After we picked it up and put in a request for another book, The Silver Door, she asked me if we could go to the greenhouse. I realized it was within walking distance, so we headed over. As we were walking over, I remembered that they have an annual bulb show at this time of year. Sure enough, when we got there, there were beautiful flowers everywhere. And unlike most times when I've been, where you have to fight the crowds to see anything, we had the whole place nearly to ourselves. It turns out one of the reasons for this was that we were there a half hour before closing time. So we did get the bum's rush as I was frantically snapping pictures. Still, it was a lovely afternoon.

Happy Spring.