Friday, March 12, 2010


watching the Irish dancers

Last night at school there was a special event, "Celebrate the World," where families with members or heritage from other countries set up displays around the cafeteria with information about those countries. Folks also had foods for sampling, as well as books & pictures, toys & money, etc., on display. Since this was the first time the school was trying such an event, no one knew what the turn out would be like. It ended up being a huge success and quite a lot of fun. It felt good to look around the room and see so many people from the school community.

In the hours before the event, the 9yo had a meltdown because this is exactly the sort of thing she dreads--big noisy crowds of people, as well as something new and unfamiliar. I originally thought that the best thing to do would be to arrange for another adult to supervise the 7yo at the event, as she was very much looking forward to it & already planning to meet classmates there, while the 9yo and I did something else for the evening. Then I talked to some very generous, thoughtful friends in my virtual community and they helped me realize that I should help the 9yo attend the event and have a successful evening. And that is exactly what happened. We all had a great time. If you look at the photo above, you can find the girl who was dreading going, right there front & center (the 9yo is the one in the orange tank top with the cup).

I am not a big fan of crowds, either, and last night helped me realize how I've managed to find a way to cope as an adult. I find my peeps, hang out, and share laughs.

my peeps

The fella doing the Rah!Rah! is the drummer for my band, as well as the dad of the 7yo's classmate. He always makes me laugh, no matter how nervous I am.

I am grateful to have such wonderful friends.


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