Sunday, March 7, 2010

Signs of Spring

On the rails-to-trails bridge over the Connecticut River

The first crocuses of the season, spotted at school

Sugaring on the Hadley Commons

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day. The girls and I headed out on bikes for a day's adventure. First stop was breakfast at Jake's. Then off to the last of the Winter farmers' markets for five pounds of honey for twenty bucks (what was I thinking???). Then we went to the local bakery that makes olive bread only on Saturdays, to buy a loaf. We also got some fancy juice spritzers at the local health food store. Then we headed over the river for a picnic.

When we came back to town, we checked out the new rails-to-trails bridge over Main Street, a very fun view. We made a pit stop at home, then rode back to town to rent a movie and get ice cream cones. Yes, it feels like Spring.

Today is also gorgeous and we're about to head out for another adventure. The girls are just waiting for me, so I'll come back to put all the links in later!


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All my Gurls are having a lovely time!