Sunday, January 3, 2010

Women and Competition

A friend of mine recently started a blog. She has a lot of interesting things to say. I wish her much success. Please visit her at Life on the Bus, when you get the chance and leave a comment if you can.

Though we've never met in real life, this woman and I are virtual friends, courtesy of the community at yet another blog. We see each other daily on Al Gore's internet.

It is an internet tradition with which many are aware that folks with blogs take every opportunity to blogwhore, to try to drive up traffic to their site, and hopefully receive comments. However, my friend was unhappy when I echoed* her pleas for visits and comments to her blog with pleas of my own. Although she insisted that she fled from competition, she also chose to characterize my typical blogwhore silliness as competition. She contrasted competition with kindness, asking me for "more kindness, less competition."

My question is whether she would've called out our male blogging friends in the same manner. When she claimed I was being competitive, I heard it as an accusation. Are women not allowed to be competitive? Although I didn't see my behavior as competitive, merely friendly teasing, were we both denying our competitiveness for fear of being perceived as unkind?

A wise woman blogging friend of mine addresses these issues much more articulately than I do over at her blog.

I do not have a sitemeter for this blog, so the only way I know anyone has been here is through comments. Another wise blogging friend left a comment on this post of mine where I bemoaned the lack of comments:

You cannot blog with ANY expectation that anybody will actually read what you write. I doubt that, on any kind of average, I get more than .5 comments per post.

you blog cuz you just gotta write it down; or at least have something you wanna/gotta show the universe.

And he also gave me a compliment that I ate up with a big spoon:

A real special place you got here, Ina...

Yes, we blog because we can. Let's all share the blogging love. Otherwise, I think it may be time for another bloggers ethics panel.


*pun intended

mud wrestler pic found here.


smoke said...

women. i love 'em.


ntodd said...

Is this part of the patriarchy, then?

Meander said...

Yes, we blog because we can.

Actually, we blog because we MUST. We have an imperative to communicate.

xan said...

Hmm...did I come here and read because you said NTodd had said something about patriarchy you couldn't answer?

that would be patriarchism I guess. bad xan, bad bad xan.

Competition always exists because life is about scarcity. There is never Enough, starting with food.

I always thought the most revolutionary bit of technology on Star Trek wasn't the warp drive or tricorder or even transporters, but the humble replicator. (admittedly a spinoff of transporter technology or at least closely related.) Give everybody enough food, and assurance that they will always have Enough with no limit whatever and...what would life be like?

Competition would no doubt continue with other goals but the object would be gratification of the ego, not the belly. And the consequences of losing would be something other than death.

Dirk Gently said...

my writing is involuntary, like the beating of my heart, my constant erection - i can't help it!
-- the marquis, quills act 1 scene 5

seems appropriate ;)