Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just A Little More Holiday Spirit

It is warm and cozy here in the house.

But, baby, it's cold outside.

It's so cold, in fact, that the bathroom pipes have frozen yet again. I have been turning off the water main and opening the pipes at night, hoping that would keep things from freezing. It has worked until last night. So now I've had the space heater running all day in the hole in the ground. The good news is: the pipes haven't burst yet. The bad news is: the girls really need their Sunday bath before the go back to school tomorrow. I guess I could go buy some water and boil it on the stove for them. I know I could live this way if I hadn't gotten used to living the easy way.

Update: Yay! I just went to check one last time before giving up for today, as the temps continue to drop, and it worked! We have water! Thank you thank you plumbing goddesses. Now to do the dishes and bathe the children.



smoke said...

looks cool (stay warm)


m. heart said...

Cold up here in the hills too, Ina!
As someone with some very touchy pipes, I often have to leave the hot water dripping just a tiny bit overnight on cold stretches like this. It keeps things moving just enough to prevent a burst...

Happy (cold) New Year!