Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another in a Series of Self Portraits with Produce


xan said...

The pic is beautious (not to mention lascivious)but I drop by to drop off bad news, in case you miss it in an earlier Nest at EschaEcho.

Re: your question on wind chill and pipes, bad news. Wind chill DOES effect pipes and "...can play a major role in accelerating ice blockage, and thus bursting, in water pipes."

would provide link but for some reason I cannot c&p in Firefox any more. Source however is Hope that works but at any rate has no motivation to lie about the subject.

Can you find some wrap-around electric heat tape for the worst-affected stretch? And a plug nearby to power it? It's that or the ol' trickle technique, which I imagine is expensive for you who are not on a well. Best of luck..

ina said...

Thanks, xan. For the kind words about the pic, and for taking the time to stop by with pipe thoughts. I've turned off the water main and opened the taps, so I think I'm safe for tonight.

smoke said...

oh lordy!