Monday, January 18, 2010

Snow Town

Even though lots of folks around the country are having record snow years, ours has been a bit flaky. Last night, things got a little more to our liking, a little more snowflaky.

The girls and their friends from across the street took advantage of the sticky stuff to get to work. They asked me if they could use our big wheelbarrow to bring some fallen snowmen parts from across the street. I said no. A little later, I hear from inside the house, their voices asking the older neighbor if he had a wheelbarrow they could borrow. He said yes!

A sweet winter scene in the neighborhood. More of this, please.



smoke said...

where's the snow critters?


HARE said...

Hello Ina,like your self portraits and your photos.
I'm looking for your posted.
I am sorry but I can't write comments in English well.I want to write comment sometimes,if you like.