Sunday, January 10, 2010

East Meets West Meets West Meets East

Tonight's menu
noodles in chicken stock
vegetable potstickers
heavenly salad

Lately, when choosing movies at Pleasant Street Video for family movie night, the girls are all anime, all the time.

This means that they want to eat with chopsticks whenever possible. It also means something that might surprise their Italian relatives: for the first time ever, they like spaghetti noodles (or as we call them, slurpy noodles). I have just been cooking them simply in chicken stock. The girls love to eat the noodles with their chopsticks and drink the broth from the bowl.

The vegetable potstickers are from Trader Joe's, served with soy sauce and hot sauce.

So what do I really want to tell you about?

The heavenly salad.

Oh my.

The girls like steamed broccoli, but they only like the tree tops, not the trunks (perhaps from too many meals convincing them they were giraffes or dinosaurs to get them to eat their greens). I like eating the trunks raw for a snack, but even I can't eat that many. Tonight, I decided to make some kind of broccoli slaw. I ended up with this amazing dish that made me so very happy.

Heavenly Salad

8-10 broccoli trunks, peeled and thinly sliced
1 large carrot, grated
1 meyer lemon, zest & juice
1 Tbs honey (more or less)
fresh ginger, peeled & grated (add as much as you like!)
fresh ground black pepper

That's it! Combine & inhale, I mean, enjoy. Actually, inhaling it did transport me to my mother's lemon trees in California, which took the chill out of this cold winter's day.



xan said...

You now have an entry in Xan's Perpetual File of Atriot Recipes.

(you may have earlier ones too but the thing has gotten a bit Massive and I don't remember. I just add new ones as they come along and mail it to myself. Easier to find than files. :)

smoke said...

can we have seconds?

(and a fork)


pie said...

Shoot! That reminds me that I have meyer lemons in the refrigerator!

I've been adding daikon radish sticks to salads lately. Love the crunch!

Hecate said...

I need to get a myer lemon tree

Anonymous said...

sounds delish. we're having boring old cole slaw with our fish tacos tonight. Must try your version later in the week.