Saturday, January 2, 2010

Winter Treasure

This morning's plan was to wake early and go to the dump. Then go to Jake's for breakfast. Instead, we slept late and woke to a blanket of new snow. We decided to skip the dump and walk into town for breakfast. But first, I had a morning dose of internet where I learned that today's date is a palindrome: 01022010 and that our town has a winter farmer's market (but I didn't know where).

When we got into town and rounded the corner, I saw this sign.

We went to breakfast first. Then we came to check out the market. It was fun to see summer's outdoor scene transposed to this winter indoor hall. Familiar faces stood beside familiar treats and treasures. A small band played quietly in a corner. It was good to see old friends Michael and Lynn on my side of the river. In my version of local-lore, they are the farm share pioneers of our valley, having started the food bank farm. Now they are moving on to their next adventure.

We made the circuit, checking out each vendor in the hall. The 9yo fell in love with a piece of sheepskin. The 7yo wanted a bouquet of rosemary. Guess which treasure I was able to buy? I also bought other delicious treasures, and then we took the long shortcut home.

Once we came in from the snow, we enjoyed the fruits of our labors, thanks to the labor of our local farmers: apples, carrots, and big slabs of rosemary bread.



Anonymous said...

Sheepskin? Why, I just happen to have a TinkaBelle Bear who'd like a new Home. I'll send him along.

Did you see the wonderful Bed Bread receipt?

I didn't sleep with it - but I made a little oven out of a heating pad and a plate and a nice thick towel. Lovely!

Ali said...

your food is always prettier than my food.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice little lunch there Ina. Nice photos.

smoke said...

i'm in love with your little town.