Thursday, April 23, 2009

pictures in color

I'm surprised my point-and-shoot camera was able to do this well.
I took the shot from the driver's seat, in the left turn lane at a stop light.
I saw this man standing in the rain on the opposite corner.
I managed to find my camera before the green light and zoom it for all it was worth!

Creative playground.

A snorg-tee model of a certain age...

The tulips are almost open.

Tonight's supper made a lovely picture, so the 8yo told me to take one!



m. heart said...

when i saw that first photo i thought you'd gone to new york for the day!

Rowena said...

Loving your color explorations, here. I'm looking for a way to play with my point and shoot. Maybe this is it. I mean, there are only so many portraits of your kids playing that you can take... right? Uh... right?

ina said...

I think I did go to New York for an instant in that photo, m.heart!

Rowena: photography is definitely much less mentally taxing for me than painting. I admire your ability to paint anytime and anywhere. As for kid pics, they are as good models as anyone, often better!