Sunday, April 26, 2009

The beach is open

guess who was the first one in?
it felt so good to swim.

someone had brought this net
and the girls got very interested in catching fish

the big picture

this is directly across from the swimming hole.
what is it? you tell me.

driving past the downtown park on the way home,
the 6yo shouted that someone was on a wire.
i circled the car back so we could take a close look.

the car was parked right next to this magnolia.

It was a glorious day.


m. heart said...

i can't believe you went swimming today! wasn't the water freezing?

ina said...

well... at first :-)

then, i got used to it and it just felt great. i love swimming.

Ken said...

it's a tank. almost certainly a water tank. (i hope this wasn't a rhetorical question :)

Dirk Gently said...

I remember living up north and thinking that 75F was swimming weather, and that ice water just took some getting used to. But the south has spoiled me - I won't go in if the water is 75F.

Bet your lips were blue.

charley said...

the water tank is a great pic.

really well done.