Sunday, April 26, 2009

Other People's Cats

I was outside hanging laundry when I heard the familiar meow of the neighbor's cat, Tony. It didn't take long in his tenure here to figure out that I am the one in the neighborhood with spare keys. When my neighbors are at work, Tony comes to my door and meows to be let in. I tell him I'll go get the spare keys and he can meet me across the street. He runs across and waits at the door and I come over and let him in.

The thing that made it odd this morning was that his owner was out in the yard, so I didn't pay any attention to his cries. I finished hanging the laundry and went inside. A few minutes later, the girls shouted, "Tony is on the roof!"

I managed to run into the house, grab the camera, and get this shot just before he figured out how to reach up and crawl in the open window he'd crawled out of. His owner informed me that he was being quarantined because he had caught a bat a few days earlier, and since they had tossed the bat out in their shock, Tony isn't allowed outside for a while.


shrimplate said...

One of my cats is in the cat hospital for the weekend. She broke a hind leg, probably from falling off a wall.

She's an "indoor cat" and snuck out with tragic results.

ina said...

oh, i'm sorry, shrimplate. i hope she heals quickly and well.

tony is an outdoor cat, and is pretty tough. i'm glad he figured out how to go back in and didn't fall off.

xan said...

The aspect of the picture that left me agape and astounded was the notion of a window being opened that does not have a screen on it....

...and this is only from the perspective of Tennessee, where mosquitos and stingy things are nearly year-round treats. Considering the part that a bat plays in this story, the neighbor might want to look into this concept. :)