Tuesday, April 21, 2009

artists who blog

When I first entered this cyber world, it was the politics link trail that I traveled. My artist self was sleeping through the years that my children were not (full disclosure: it was during this time that I started a band, and so was expressing my creativity that way). Eventually, I found most of my online time was spent at Eschaton. And then, through Hecate, a virtual friend I made there, my artist spirit began to awaken. Suddenly, the links that drew me (nice pun!) were artists' blogs. Somehow I ended up at warrior girl and then, secret notebooks. Following a link to a link to a link from there this morning, I've found artists who blog. I could spend all day following the links from there, but instead, I'm going to turn off the computer and go make some art!

Thank you all for inspiration.


m. heart said...

:) so glad you went link-hoping and found me.

Anonymous said...

ina, the photo of the girls looking in the door is amazing. the composition, the colors, the children, all make me feel happy and curious. what is behind that door?
it would be nice to be a child again...for a few moments.

thanks. baudin

Rowena said...

I'm thrilled that I could help lead you down the artist rabbit hole. When I found artist blogs, it all started making sense, finally, and definitely lead me back to painting.

Totally unexpected.

Who would have thought that the internet could open up such a creative, abundant world.