Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Story of Stuff

Getting increasingly discouraged with our corporate government, I felt like watching "The Story of Stuff" again. It does give me hope when Annie Leonard reminds us that this system didn't just happen, that it's not like gravity that we just have to live with, that it was created by people, and we're people, too. It is still overwhelming to acknowledge the amount of work it will take to create a better system, how important it is that we all work together, and how impossible it feels right now.

I am definitely on the low end for middle class Americans in terms of my embrace of the golden arrow of consumption. I still buy a ton of stuff I don't need, though. And even though my girls don't watch TV, so they don't see commercials, I would say the biggest bulk of "plastic crap" (as we call it) that we buy is toys.

For more information, visit The Story of Stuff website.

Update: The weirdest thing just happened as I hit "Publish Post," one of the girls' toys that makes music played its little song from upstairs, even though no one is up there right now. "It's coming from inside the house!"


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