Friday, June 25, 2010

A George Bailey Moment

I went to the tax office today, because I don't have enough cash right now to pay my property taxes. They went up by $583.74 this year -- thank you so much override yes voters. I was a bit teary as I thought about George Bailey, and realized I don't even have life insurance, so I'm worth about the same dead or alive. 0.

The ladies at the tax office were very nice about it. They assured me that I'm not alone and told me to pay a little at a time as the money comes in until it's paid off. They said don't let myself get upset about it.

I wish I could refinance -- my 30 year fixed rate is still the 7.25 it was when I got the mortgage in 2001. The local bank I have my mortgage with told me I don't earn enough money to pay less on my mortgage.

Anyway, I know times are hard all over, but I do have a Paypal button on the blog now -- if you come across a spare nickel. It's a wonderful life.



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