Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Bye, Toad

We kept him/her as a pet probably longer than we should have, but we all enjoyed watching our pet toad hopping around the habitat we made. S/he seemed pretty happy eating fruit flies, too. But today was the day. I made a little toad house in a protected spot in the yard. We even put the moss pad s/he loved from the habitat in the toad house. And some of the rocks and sticks. Then, we set ol' toady free.

At first s/he started to hop away, then turned. In the top picture, the toad had turned around and was heading back to the toad house. Then, toad turned and ran in to the daisy patch.

The bottom picture was shot through the window from inside our house. We have a good view if s/he comes back.

We wish our toad good luck and we hope we see her/him again. We miss her/him already.


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