Monday, June 21, 2010


Just when we hit are-we-there-yet fatigue on the five hour drive up,
we rounded a corner and saw a hot air balloon parade.

Even though we arrived late Friday evening,
we were up by five in the morning.
We wandered down to the waterfront.

The girls were watching ducks, but obliged when I asked them to turn around.

They have these lovely swings upon which to sit while watching the water.

We found North Beach by 7am, and had it all to ourselves.
I suggested we take a quick dunk in our clothes to wash the car night off of us.
It was fun!

As I was meeting my tribe, the atriots, on the steps of City Hall,
the girls made up a game of sliding.

The sign that I started at eleven thirty Thursday night turned out pretty cute.
I didn't quite finish coloring in the letter themes.
Gromit tells NTodd he must wear pants (or shorts).

Back at the beach for the day, we all spent hours in the water.
Then we camped at the campground right there.

We love Burlington.

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! you were in Vt ...but alas I was out West....