Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wreck this Journal, Week 7

Yes, yes I did.

This, too.

I have been putting off these two things, because I was afraid of, yes, wrecking the journal. I did them both today with the girls. And something wonderful and unexpected happened.

I chose to walk through town dragging the book to the parking garage, then have the girls drag the book up the flights of stairs to the top, and toss the book off. While I was walking, dragging the book, a group of young women passed me, and I felt embarrassed enough to explain that I had to do it, because it was in the book. To my complete surprise and delight, one of the girls said she understood because she has the same book.

arriving at the parking garage
(we actually climbed even higher than the walkway visible above me in this picture)

I forgot to take a full shot of the garage.
This is one I found online.

looking over the side

awaiting flight

When we got to the top of the parking garage, the 8yo asked if she could be the one to toss the book off. She sent it down close to the side of the building. As it was falling, I wondered too late if it was actually safe to be doing this during such a high traffic time--what if the book hit somebody? As it was falling, we heard a squeal. Then, we lost sight of it.



Well, no spoilers here, watch the video...

I don't know how to stop the music.
The slide show in this video goes to about 1:55, the song is about 4:55.

So you see, we ran downstairs, saw no one was hurt, then started to look in the bushes for the journal. Then, a girl spoke from behind us. She had picked up the journal for us. I turned and saw all the young ladies who had passed us earlier, and one was proudly holding her book! They liked the look of mine, and were curious to see some of the things I had done. I thumbed through the book with them, then told them about the Next Chapter!

the girls

and see, she made it through okay

Although I noticed when looking through the book with the girls that there still seem to be a lot of untouched pages near the back of the book, here are some of the pages I've been working on this week as I continue the wrecking journey.

I painted over the background on the ugly drawing

my doodle envelope

yeah, four letter words
(they might need some color)

some more materials cartoons



Lawendula said...

Great wrecking!
have a lot of fun! :)

m. heart said...

I'm definitely going to be watching where I walk in Noho now ;)

Kavindra said...

Your cover is fantastic! Love the journal and the cartoons, but especially love your story of meeting your new wrecking friends.

This book is a uniter! Peace and Love thru Wrecking.

magpie said...

oh i love your cruddy drawing! and the cartoons and the...well, all of it. funny how vivid a picture each wreck paints of its creator/destroyer.

Melinda said...

love your wrecking this week too!

Grammy said...

That was great. I love your creative wreckage. How cool to meet a fellow wrecker. Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! EXCELLENT!!!
I absolutely love your artwork AND your 4 letter word page.
Kudos to the girls for getting in on the wrecking!

judi said...

what a wonderful batch of creativity..i love teh cartoons.. and the UGLY page is the WINnER!! I am so amazed at the reaction of people that meet me when i am wrecking.. onlyone person so far has just sighed and had nothing else to say

that was SOME dramatic music!!

Jamie Ridler said...

One of my favourite things about this book is the way it creates community! How wonderful that you made a connection with those young women - and on such a brave day too. It's a joy to watch the shared moment and creative destruction.

Thanks so much for your email. It's always a pleasure to visit :)

Barbara Martin (@Reptitude) said...

WOW WHat a high energy week of wreckage you had!!!!! Totally inspiring. And with your kids plus a group participation public wrecking event with random people you found on the street?!? Fishing your book out of the bushes for you?!? That is absolutely amazing! Keep on wrecking.....

Hybrid J said...

What an energetic wreckage! Well Done! :)

gemma said...

WTJ is an adventure. One day my grandson went wrecking with me & mentioned that it is a good way to meet people. How fun for you meeting a fellow wrecker.

Genie Sea said...

Awesome wrecking! Loved the video and the way WTJ brought people together! :)

Kim said...

I've been secretly hoping I would stumble upon a fellow wrecker - how cool that you actually did!! I LOVE your cover!!! Great wrecking!! Lots of fun!!

NatashaMay said...

This is some awesome wrecking! :)

Annette Q said...

Wow... what a great story! And that 4 letter word page is v.brave! I wrote about how I couldn't go through with writing those 4 letter words that kept popping in my head in my last WTJ post. And now feeling like SUCH a wuss!!;-)

Sherri said...

Fabulous! What a grand adventure you, your loved ones, and your journal had. How exciting to have met other wreckers.

Sharon said...

What a totally cool experience you had this week!