Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100 in 100, Day 36

self portrait inspired by Barbara's tree painting
pastel, 9x12 inches


Danny Guam said...

Wow, in this one you look like Cory of Cory and Trevor fame. (TrailerParkBoys)


I've seen the other ones and you really don't look like him, just in this one I immediately thought: Oh, shit, it's Cory!

Are you having a showing of these when you finish the 100 days? You should.

Also, I am the one that criticized your banner. I love your new page color pallet, I just have a problem with the small type in red. I actually went so far as to rework it myself and (anal much? why, yes I am) and I found that sampling the color in the light gray color of the water looks much better. (to me)

Sorry to bother you

ina said...

Ha! I never heard of him, but I see the resemblance!

As for the banner, when I was making it, I realized that the red is hard to read, that's why I put "a life" in a different font (because I thought that was the important part to be able to read). I really like the red, and I'm okay with not being able to read it. As I said when you brought this up before: I'm much more bothered by the fact that the tails on the 'f' in "Confine" don't match up.

I don't have photoshop (or photoshop skills), I just used an online source to add text to a photo, I didn't know how to alter anything or even how to use a color other than what's on the pop-up pallet.

I'd love to see your version. I appreciate the fact that you're interested enough to try to make your own! Would you be willing to email it to me (at the address on my profile)?

Thanks for your comments.