Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Blooming

the long view

globe thistles and rose campion

the middle, along the fence

looking back


a butterfly on the marigolds

a busy bee on an eggplant blossom

flowers in the main garden

a wise man

wise man close up

this fella lost his head

the butterfly bush and a mexican sunflower

a blurry close up of the amazing colors

trying again, a bee stopped by

Thank you to m.heart for letting me know about Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Now I better turn off the computer and get outside and weed!


Muum said...

I enjoyed seeing your flowers. Can we ever do too much weeding?

Carol said...

Beautiful garden, beautiful pics, thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Hecate said...

tres jolie!

Rose said...

What a lovely collection of flowers! The globe thistle really is striking--I should think about planting some. But I'm most impressed by your eggplant--they are looking good! Glad you joined in for Bloom Day!

m. heart said...

I'm glad you participated! It's a great way to document the progress. Your garden is looking amazing.

ina said...

Thank you, everyone!

chicago dyke said...

really outstanding, ina! nice job. love all of it. esp the headless guy. did he piss you off or something? ;-)

~~Rhonda said...

Ina, welcome to Bloom Day. I love the globe thistles and rose campion together. I'll have to try that combo. I always enjoy seeing pictures of entire beds. Thanks for sharing yours! ~~Rhonda