Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Garden Blogging


the fence garden

grapes, potatoes, clematis

another view

clematis close-up


green tomatoes

the first ripe sungold

the first pepper

habanero blossoms

eggplant blossoms and babies


Hecate said...

Wow! I am jealous!

xan said...

What Hecate said! I'm in west friggin' Tennessee and I don't have any tomatoes red yet. Some big mofos mind you, but large or small, all still solid green.

Thanx for the shots of the eggplant too. I'm growing that for the first time this year and was/am not sure what to expect in the way of sequence. Did have a blossom on one (of 6) finally the other day, so you reassure me that this is a Good Thing.

Bet the girlz are thrilled that their food is coming up right before their eyes, as a result of things they did. :)