Friday, December 19, 2008

Words and Pictures

The girls love when I sit and draw with them.

Last night, we sat down to draw just before bedtime. I drew some panels on a page and then looked to see what the shapes suggested. Since we hadn't gotten our tree yet, it was easy to see a car with a tree on top driving through the long rectangle panel. I figured out what the other panels needed to be, made some quick sketches, and showed the girls. They were thrilled -- they're always impressed with whatever little art I do.

Then, I packed them off to bed.

This morning when they woke up, they started drawing in their room. Without having seen my drawing since the night before, they each came up with their own version. Now it's my turn to be impressed!

My drawing

The 8yo's drawing

The 6yo's drawing

We did actually get a tree today before the storm hit. I even tied it on top the car myself (and we made it home)!

That's its own story...


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Duane V said...

Keep encouraging them. I used to draw and became quite good at it, but lost interest, or rather, I become more interested in other things..