Thursday, December 25, 2008


photo by the 8yo

My mother makes hats. The one she sent me this year is a beauty. She also gave me these sock-a-tolas that have pom-poms and non-slip bottoms. The girls wanted me to pose with "Newshy," the 6yo's fish, so I did. They thought it was very amusing.

It was a lovely Christmas day at our house. I'll update with more photos tomorrow. Right now, I gotta get back to the shortbread with ginger that *Santa* brought me.

Update, as promised, photos from yesterday:

I put the stockings up on this trunk overnight,
in hopes that they'd be safe from mice.

Before the girls came down in the morning,
I put the stockings under the tree.

One family tradition is that we take a moment
before diving into presents to look through
the Robert Sabuda Christmas alphabet book
that Grampa gave us a few years ago.

It's always nice when someone stops mid-unwrapping to enjoy a gift. The 6yo is taking a closer look at the graphic novel, Bone Sharps, Cowboys, and Thunder Lizards, that GWPDA and David Derbes sent her. Thank you.

The 8yo joins her with a closer look at the graphic novel, Black Beauty, also from GWPDA. They are also both wearing the hats their grandma made them. Thank you.

Some new friends.

My new leaf maker.

A lovely Christmas day. We are lucky.

Peace on Earth.


Anonymous said...

lucky, indeed.

Willendorf Venus said...

Loving the jammies. Too cute. Happy New Year, Ina.