Monday, December 29, 2008

Star of Wonder

The morning selection of photos at Huffpo were bloody Palestinian babes-in-arms vs. face-painted heavily-armed Israelis. Until this one.

Update I (from Gummo at Eschaton this morning):

There's a good guest column in the Times today laying out Israel's side in the current situation (i.e., their rationalizations for this massacre).

The hell of it is, they have some very real concerns; yet everything they do makes their situation worse.

As an American Jewish son of Holocaust survivors, Israel is very important to me -- yet it's being run by crazy people.
Gummo | 12.30.08 - 10:08 am |

The politics of peace in the Middle East may be beyond human beings in these times. I cannot defend Israel's choices, but I will forever defend the rights of Jews to be a flawed and human as everybody else. I am ignorant and uninformed, but I am afraid of all the hatred.

Masters of War

Update II: What Digby said.


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