Monday, December 1, 2008

Roller Coaster Ride

When I lived in New York, one of my favorite things to do was ride my bike from my apartment on 107th street, through the city, over the Brooklyn Bridge, and out to Coney Island. Once there, I would ride on the Cyclone roller coaster.

google image

I often said it was like instant therapy: approximately 60 seconds of non-stop laughter and thrills.



Rowena said...

Oh, the Cyclone.

That was my first roller coaster. That thing rocks.

And that bike ride you took, that wasn't no marshmallow, either.

Sounds awesome.

Sacred Suzie said...

Fantastic! I would have loved doing that too.

How cool is that your daughters wanted to watch RR?

Your cookies are the coolest! And your pies are lovely. Baking from scratch is priceless and so few people do it these days. Store-bought pies come in cookies crusts, yuck!

OMG, my Mom used to watch The Galloping Gourmet. I love that guy! And yes, Julie Child is wonderful. Have you read Julie & Julia? What a fantastic book. I wrote about here here. Julia Child is the ultimate culinary rock star!

Dirk Gently said...

i love roller coasters - especially the old wooden ones (they are the scariest). some of my favorite memories are riding them - with my cousins when i was little at keanesburg park, with mrs g before she was mrs g at seabreeze in rochester, with the kids from the time they could walk into their late teens. the now mrs g and i would ride our bikes to seabreeze just for the coasters.

thanks for stirring up the memories.

also, i like the footprint swirls on your haunted house. tres cool.

Anonymous said...

that's a good one.

i won't do the upside-downsy ones, though.


Libby Spencer said...

I love that rollercoaster too. It's the best one I've ever ridden.