Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Righteous Rant from my friend S

There's no place to run anymore.

The corporate fascists have taken it all.

Bin Laden is dead? So what.

Tomorrow morning I'll get up -- if I bother to go to bed to try to sleep -- and still have no health care, no job, no hope of a job -- and get ready to move to another place to either wait to die from untreated illness or to end my life when I run out of money.

How did this happen?

I let it happen.

I believed that if I worked hard, got an education, and stepped up to take care of my family all would turn out well. It didn't. Life's promise left me out -- and I'm not the only one.


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DBrashier said...

It drives me crazy when people blame the unemployed, and it did even when I wasn't part of the crowd as I am now. I was paid well, worked hard, got bonuses, and then got "displaced." Before that happened, I had a few years of not getting training so that my marketable skills are far less than they should be, and yes, I do blame our corporatist masters for taking such a short view in order to feather their own nests at our expense.

I am sorry, S, for your illness and your losses, and wish you all the best.