Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday

My mom

I joined the facebook trend-let of changing your profile picture to a picture of your mother in honor of Mother's Day, which is apparently this weekend. As I was looking through my photos of her this afternoon to choose one, she happened to call. It was not typical until recently for us to talk on the phone regularly--neither of us are big phone people. This new development makes me happy.

My mother has begun preparing her exit, begun preparing me. A friend of mine joked that her grandmother has been doing the same for the last ten years, so put the tears away, I've still got plenty of time. (And, of course, now I'm crying as I type this) Maybe there are people who always know how to play their role, but I seem to figure mine out after the show has closed. I feel, as a parent, like I only learn how to resolve certain challenges at the very moment they are no longer a challenge. As a child, I have no clue how to go through this next phase in my relationship with my mom. Even though, in the past, a month could go by without our ever talking, I took for granted that we could.

I love you, Mom, even if I never send you a Mother's Day card.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In from Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Vimeo.

"Everything you love will eventually be taken from you."
(watch -- it's actually a cheery video)

A pencil can draw a line 35 miles long.


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