Thursday, May 19, 2011

The First Bonfires of the Year

I had been doing so well posting at least once a day, Monday through Friday, for a while.

Then life intervened and I stopped posting for a week.

In that time, I have completely run out of money. So when I took this picture of the girls last weekend, it was as we were enjoying bonfires and marshmallows and barbecues. Now when I look at it, I see our hobo life, building a fire in an oil drum for warmth.

I hope it doesn't come to that.

Of course, I'm painting it bleakly for dramatic effect. I am teaching three art classes a week at the elementary school this Spring. It doesn't pay much, but even worse, it doesn't pay often. I just completed the fourth week of the eight week course today and I have yet to be paid for any of the weeks' classes.

I know times are hard for everyone. I also know that I don't really provide any real blogger product worth much, but if you have some spare change and feel like sharing, I've got a paypal link there on the left. I'd be most grateful. Thank you.


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