Monday, May 2, 2011

Helen Mirren's Breasts

My friend, jac posted a link to this video earlier today. I am new to the Helen Mirren phenomenon. What I mean is, she seems suddenly to be on everyone's list of sexy older women. I don't know much current pop culture, but I think she even did a skit on Saturday Night Live recently about her magical breasts (please correct me if I'm wrong, for I'm too lazy to google). It turns out she was a sexy younger woman, too.

What struck me about this video is how well she carries the exasperation at being asked those questions that women artists always get asked. Essentially: how can you create any art of value when you have breasts? How can you expect men to take you seriously? Either you're too beautiful so that is too distracting or you're too ugly so why should we pay any attention to you.

Yet another post about soaking in patriarchy. Maybe I should get out more.



Marian said...

dude, have you not seen Prime Suspect? BBC true crime show? WATCH IT.

m. heart said...

This topic came up for me on NPR last weekend, when I heard a report about how the women who stand by the cars at auto shows are not only beautiful but (gasp!) know something about the cars!
J didn't understand why I was so offended that this was considered news-worthy.
I asked him if he'd ever heard anyone say, with surprise, "Wow, that guy is handsome...and he knows about cars!" No, of course not. Nobody would feel the need to point that men can be handsome and intelligent all at the same time. Ugh!