Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tax the Rich

I know, I know. There are serious people saying we should Eat the Rich, but hear me out.

This morning, as I was paying into my daughters' school lunch fund [full disclosure: they qualify for free school lunches, but I pay the full amount, $2.50/day/kid, in effect subsidizes others' free lunches, in some bizarre act of misplaced pride or philanthropy], I struck up a conversation with the lunch lady (seen here in a photograph from a few months ago, gloves deep in tuna). I told her about an article I had read yesterday regarding a school district that was in discussions with collections agencies to pursue families who owe money for their children's lunches. This woman, who has seen her full-time with benefits job in the cafeteria reduced to a part-time no benefits job, so that she's been forced to take a second job at a place that will remain nameless (which a goofy friend says, "rhymes with smallfart") replied to me that people need to "take responsibility." I thought I heard some FOXiness there, and was reluctant to press on. But I tried, "You know who isn't taking responsibility right now? The rich need to pay their fair share." I breathed a sigh of relief when she agreed with me, and the conversation went on from there. So everyday Americans like us can see that one of the most important things that needs to be done for our country is to raise taxes on the rich.

It is good to see that some members of Congress get it, too.

Tax the rich (h/t to NTodd for the link).

Now, how to get our voices heard, to actually see our representative democracy represent us? I'll choose a general strike and/or taking over the Capitol building in Washington, a la Wisconsin, instead of a plateful of Roasted Rich. Who's with me?


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