Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!

I just realized that today is my blogiversary.

Three years ago today I decided I wanted a public place to write.

Even though my college application essay started with the sentence, "In second grade, I decided to become a writer," I have found that writing is actually a very slow process for me (I spend waaaaaaaayyy too much time editing).

Looking at my youtube channel yesterday (no, not something I do often!), I discovered that this video of me reading Max Drives Away has almost 3000 hits! Maybe writing doesn't have to mean a lot of words...

I've recently started trying to post at least once a day, Monday through Friday, in hopes that this will encourage my literary synapses to fire. So far, though, I have still been relying on images to speak for me. There is always the question of whether I actually have anything to say!

I truly admire my amazing and prolific writing blogger friends like Roy Edroso, m.heart, and Hecate, who wow me with their words. Such wit, spirit, and poetry.

I will continue to stumble my way through the alphabet, hoping for the best.

Thanks for reading!



m. heart said...

Happy blogiversary Ina (a bit belated, sorry!) and thank you for the shout-out!

ina said...

Thanks, m.heart! And you're welcome. Thanks for inspiring me with your wonderful writing and photography.